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Metal Hoses

Motal hoses

There are two different types of metal hoses, which differ in construction and application: corrugated hoses and stripwound hoses.

Corrugated hoses are leak-tight and are employed to convey pressurised liquids and gases or as vacuum lines. Corrugated hoses are also employed as flexible connecting elements, as filling hoses, to absorb movements, thermal expansions or vibrations.

Metal hoses offer a wide range of solutions in different applications:

Stripwound hoses are made from profiled strip that is coiled spirally so that it interlocks. Depending on the application situation, stripwound hoses are made from interlocked or engaged profiles from the highly flexible engaged profile through to the sturdy interlocked version.
Stripwound hoses are frequently used as flexible, heat and ageing-resistant elements in exhaust gas technology, as protective conduits for electric cables or light conductors and as extraction and delivery hoses.

Application fields

Aerospace industry
Agricultural technology
Construction equipment
District heating
Exhaust gas technology
Gas and water supply
Heating and ventilation
Industrial plants, e.g. Chemical industry
Instrumentation and control systems (IUC)
Mechanical engineering
Medical equipment
Metallurgy and steelworks
Offshore oil and gas technology Optoelectronics (optical glass fibre systems)
Power generation
Refrigeration technology
Sanitary engineering
Shipbuilding and repair
Vacuum technology
Waste industry

Please see a selection of relevant standards for metal hoses here.

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