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The history of the Association Euro-Qualiflex

1956 – „Union-Qualiflex“ comes into existence
Seven French manufacturers of metal hoses and expansion joints pool together.
Their most important target: quality assurance

1966 – Association Euro-Qualiflex is founded

1981 -1997: AEQ is working on the European Standards (CEN and ISO)

1997 - 2007: Only products with reliable quality are to come on the market

AEQ is developing the legal minimum requirements for metal hoses and expansion joints.
The TC 342 is founded and develops the harmonized basic standards.

Most important examples for the AEQ commitment are:

2007 - 2009: AEQ-Quality catches on – always!

For this reason AEQ has developed a tailor-made quality management system with defined minimum requirements and continuous external quality control by notified bodies.
AEQ tops the existent ISO 9001 certification. 

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